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Nike Football

February 1, 2010

simple, clear and succinct.

featuring Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres.

Andes Teletransporter

February 1, 2010

when there’s a need, there’s a solution. in fact, guys will love this!

this makes guys feel less guilty about lying (seriously, you are not teletransporting anywhere. you are just given a right setting to fabricate your lie!), stay at the bar longer and Andes sells more beer. brilliant idea, i say. will love to see this in Singapore!

Happy 2010!

January 1, 2010

found this pic while daydreaming about my next beach holiday. currently in taiwan on a holiday, will be spending NYE in a foreign country for the first time. 😀

oh, let me tell you something… 2010 will be even better than 2009 – i’m sure! you gotta trust me. have a great new year everyone! 🙂

adverteasements is 3!

December 23, 2009

wow, how time flies, adverteasements is now 3!

i remember starting this blog in the wee hours of 23rd dec 2006, this idea to start a blog to document all my fave ads sprung into my head and i just had to hop to the laptop to get this going. i’m glad i did this and it’s comforting to know there are people out there who sometimes pop by to say hi and their comments really made my day.

i know i haven’t been updating this space as much as i’ll love to, but i assure you this blog is still alive! we’ll celebrate many more birthdays here, but for now let’s clear our throats and sing a birthday song for adverteasements. 😀

you say what? #54

December 22, 2009

courtesy of my copywriter friend, Iconoclastic. enjoy!
1. What the client said: “This idea is clever. But I’m afraid the target audience won’t get it.” What the client means: “I don’t get it.”

2. What the client said: “Why doesn’t the agency offer us great ideas?” What the client means: “It’s your fault we don’t have balls.”

3. What the client said: “Bull’s eye. I love these ideas. But how about giving it another go?” What the client means: “Who’s your Daddy?”

4. What the client said: “You know me, I want to see big ideas.” What the client means: “You know me, I’ll only buy the safe ones.”

5. What the client said: “We don’t have to be controversial for this.” What the client means: “We don’t want to piss off the government, ever.”

6. What the client said: “The regulatory authorities need to be happy.” What the client means: “I’m so nervous. I’m wearing an adult diaper.”

7. What the client said: “Can you combine the first idea with the fourth idea?” What the client means: “I like buffets.”

i love her “What the client said/means” tweets!

you say what? #53

November 19, 2009

saw this on twitter. this is gold!

bitteradguy Just received client comments. Must be for a different ad.”

p.s: terribly sorry for the lack of posts. whoever said being a client is easy should be shot.

Breeze Excel

October 16, 2009

don’t think this is a recent piece of work – came across this on StumbleUpon this afternoon at work. retyped the campaign objectives and mechanics here so you could see how great the idea is.

Consumers were skeptical about Unilever’s claim of “Confidence to remove stains in 1 wash”, so mailers and sampling activities were needed to prove to consumers that Breeze Excel actually delivered on its promise.

A T-shirt wrapped box that contained a product sample were sent to selected women social groups across Thailand (including rural areas where traditional mediums like TV and press are limited). Instead of finding a free gift on the inside, the actual box was wrapped within the gift. As predicted, the postal service almost ruined the t-shirts – making them really dirty and grimy. If the recipients wanted their t-shirt to look as good as new, all they had to do was to wash it once with the product sample.

Unlike in-store sampling, Unilever could control where and to whom they were talking to. As a result, this mailer allowed consumers across Thailand to prove the efficacy of this product (and their claim) to themselves by interacting with the product directly. Because of this personal interactive demonstration, word-of-mouth generated increased sales and greater brand awareness. Research is being done to use this mailer as part of a Unilever case study for successful integrated brand communications.