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you say what? #54

December 22, 2009

courtesy of my copywriter friend, Iconoclastic. enjoy!
1. What the client said: “This idea is clever. But I’m afraid the target audience won’t get it.” What the client means: “I don’t get it.”

2. What the client said: “Why doesn’t the agency offer us great ideas?” What the client means: “It’s your fault we don’t have balls.”

3. What the client said: “Bull’s eye. I love these ideas. But how about giving it another go?” What the client means: “Who’s your Daddy?”

4. What the client said: “You know me, I want to see big ideas.” What the client means: “You know me, I’ll only buy the safe ones.”

5. What the client said: “We don’t have to be controversial for this.” What the client means: “We don’t want to piss off the government, ever.”

6. What the client said: “The regulatory authorities need to be happy.” What the client means: “I’m so nervous. I’m wearing an adult diaper.”

7. What the client said: “Can you combine the first idea with the fourth idea?” What the client means: “I like buffets.”

i love her “What the client said/means” tweets!

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