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Vodafone UK – If I Ruled The World

April 19, 2009

from adverblog,

‘In this new campaign for Vodafone UK, Dare Digital created a little short film that only lives in Facebook so you have to go there to see and/or comment. Up to date, the video has over a thousand comments from people saying what they would do, which is remarkable (and really brave on the side of the brand) because it shifts the attention from the traditional medium for this kind of things (TV, and re-edited into a 20″ format) and carries all the people to an online content.’


you know how viral facebook is. you click on something or you do a quiz (too many quizzes spam on the news feed!) and your friends know about it on their news feed. i can imagine tons and tons of people catching on to this from friends of friends of friends. great move, but a pretty gutsy one! but then again, vodafone always had this quirky eccentric side, so even if the comments weren’t entirely angelic or positive, it won’t create such a big hoo-ha.

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