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Sony Bravia-drome / Zoetrope

March 31, 2009

check out the latest sony ad, titled “Bravia-drome” or “zoetrope“. finally a shift away from a storyline that we are most familiar with – a tvc that features strongly on colour to present the colour vibracy of the bravia range. now, this piece aims to promote motion – Sony’s new Motionflow Bravia TV.

the world’s largest zoetrope was built (it even lands itself a guinness world record and a mention on the zoetrope wikipedia page). FIFA World Player of the Year and AC Milan soccer legend, kaka, joined in the scene as well (FYI, Sony is the official sponsor of FIFA 2010). a series of still images of the football star doing his signature moves appear to merge into a single moving sequence, demonstrating kaka’s fast, sharp skills. this process is the perfect analogy for how Sony’s Motionflow 200Hz technology works, intelligently adding new frames to action scenes to make them appear smoother than ever.

to quote the GAD from Fallon, ‘All BRAVIA campaigns [also] have a childlike quality to them and are inspired by things that people remember from their childhood, like bouncy balls, colourful paint, play-doh and zoetropes. It’s taking that innocence, that simplicity and having fun with it – taking it to the extreme.’

also, check out their website here. you’ll see their print ads and if you have the time, do watch the making-of video at the bottom of this post. enjoy. 🙂


The Making-Of Video

Agency: Fallon

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