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you say what? #42

March 26, 2009

hi everyone, i’m still alive and this blog is too! well, i blame the long hiatus to the crazy list of things I’ve got to do at work. who ever said being a client is easy, is very WRONG. well, at least not in my case. anyway on a brighter side, i saw this via The Pitch HK. now everyone in asia, raise your arms and shout “hip hip hooray!” it’s about time!

p.s: i’m ecstactic over GMP’s latest win in AdFest 2009 for the Raffles Place Ghost Campaign – Viral Marketing Campaign, Silver. WHEEEE!


What is Asia’s role in advertising? Donald Gunn, the founder of The Gunn Report, said Asia is having a far greater influence on the global advertising scene than ever before, with markets around the globe looking to Asia for inspiration. But he adds that it is really just a recent development.

“Suddenly the judges from Cannes and Clio have woken up to the fact that the Asia work is pretty damn good.”

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