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you say what? #39

February 17, 2009

From Marketing Interactive,

Malaysia – Dutch Lady Malaysia has not ruled out using the findings of an estimated RM500,000 investment on the study of milk nutrition and its effects on Malaysian children’s mental performance in future marketing messages.

The study will be conducted in partnership with Universiti Putra Malaysia’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

At this early stage, a Dutch Lady spokesperson could only confirm the findings would be used as educational material.

“As our business revolves around nutrition, we aim to be recognised as ‘experts in nutrition’ and not just a mass manufacturer. This project and our partnership with UPM underline our serious commitment to strive towards this goal,” Hans Laarakker, Dutch Lady Malaysia MD, said.

He added that once completed, the local project will earmark a new chapter towards greater awareness and understanding of local children’s nutritional needs.


BOOOOO. if you want to use the study results for future marketing messages, it’s alright if you don’t announce it out loud saying this is for the good of children, yada yada. i just think the PR was not done properly and it made Dutch appeared in a bad light. at least to me.

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  1. joan permalink
    February 18, 2009 10:18 am

    Joanne, your comments just reflect the depth (more precisely, the shallowness) of your knowledge and the world of R&D.

    Whatever information that you find on products that hlep educate consumers, substantiate the efficacy of products and their proven worth, are, more often than not, conducted by corporations who have the finances to undertake research WITH universities. These are the teams that actually conduct the findings and whether they be positive or otherwise, it is left to be seen once the results are out. No-one is able to manipulate the results for their benefit.

    Know your subject before you comment, next time round! And do not judge if you do not know your subject!

  2. February 18, 2009 2:29 pm

    hi joan,

    my comments w.r.t. your feedback:-

    i know companies often tie up with unis/3rd party to conduct research, etc, etc to better their products or to craft their marketing messages. i don’t think there are any for-profit companies that will do an altruistic thing without the aim to garner PR for themselves. what i am saying here is that dutch don’t have to shout out all their objectives in this case. and it came timely just after the recent milk incident. personally think it’s a bit trying too hard to try to recover from the incident.

    and joan, you sound pretty defensive… was this your campaign? i gather from your email that you’re from malaysia so i’m just wondering. one thing that i want to flag is this is a personal blog and i’m entitled to free speech. in fact in my entry above, i said this is how i feel personally. if you read through my past entries, i don’t say bad things about the campaigns most of the time. in fact they are mostly praises of good work and that’s why i want to document them in my blog.

    anyway, i’m always open for a friendly discussion.


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