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Bye Bye Ad World, I Will Be Back.

January 23, 2009

i just wanted to post up my farewell note to my colleagues.


btw, this blog will still be alive and kicking.


Hi everyone!

It’s the last working day of the month and it’s also my last day in M…

M has become my second home and it’s with mixed feelings that I pack my bags and leave this place. I have really enjoyed my stay here over the past 2 years and thank you all for the support, guidance and encouragement along the way. I really appreciate the chance to work with you guys and you all are really a fun bunch! The fun internal reviews / creative briefing / meetings, chasing for FA from the studio [ 🙂 ], wasting tons of paper to print job briefs [ :):) ], stealing snacks from creative side, the goss exchanged during lunch in the pantry or even the strange random conversations we have had (e.g. why does a Chinese dog bark differently from an English dog)…… all will be missed.

Wish me loads of luck in the next phase of my career and please do stay in touch! I’m perpetually online most of the time. Or if you happen to be at I_ _ for a meeting, buzz me! Even if it’s just a few minutes to catch up.

Thanks again for everything and I WILL crash the next M party (please remember to invite meeeee!).

I will try to catch everyone before I leave today but if I don’t see you… Happy Chinese New Year! Eat more bak kwa; be fat and jolly!

♥ Hearts you all (copywriters, please cover your eyes and skip the next word) muchly,

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