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Have A Great 2009!

January 1, 2009
photo from inmagine

same like last year, here’s a summary of my favorites this year:

dec 07: a great piece of work, one that communicated a strong message that we should be aware of and in a creative way too. (edit: i just looked back at my previous new year post and realised that i picked the same piece of work for the same month! it’s indeed, a great piece of work.)

jan 08: i like this one! i don’t watch tv (i know it’s strange considering the industry that i’m in) but when i saw this during a toilet break i can’t help but got glued to the set for that 30 sec.  more of this in singapore pls!

feb 08: it’s tough because you know how much i love adidas’ work. but my love for thai ads is much stronger! hence this one won.

mar 08: okay, adidas won this one. 🙂

apr 08: i’ve been talking alot about mac, but this outdoor piece by microsoft definitely wins this spot.

may 08: i remember my ECD showed me this one when our crazy chocolate client insisted on a rocket science ad to sell his product. why do you need a complicated ad when all you need is something simple, yet something that works for a low involvement product?

jun 08: i’m biased. coz i worked on this one. 🙂

jul 08: how i wish i can do something like that in the future.

aug 08: what goes around comes around. save your environment!

sep 08: this one is reallllllly tough. had a hard time choosing one to highlight here, but decided to cast the spotlight on 2 local work! first one is a very touching spot from MCYS, and the next one is a really hilarious one from M1 IDD.

oct 08: sorry, but i really love the blonde moment. 🙂

nov 08: well, in a way this campaign was launched in may 08 and should have (must have) been highlighted in that month. but since i got it last updated as nov 08 on my blog, it gets the highlight here.

dec 08: come on, get up from your chair and do this jig!

well, i think now it’s a good time to let everyone know that i’ll be leaving this industry to go over to the dark side. it’s not because i don’t like this industry, it’s definitely not that. i just want to see for myself how is it like over there since i’m still young anyway. who knows? i may be back soon before you know it. ;p

oh! it doesn’t mean i’ll stop updating this blog… i’ll still be around documenting all my faves!

have a great 2009!

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