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adidas: Flash

October 5, 2008

adidas’ new “Flash” site lets visitors play photographer. a really cool novel idea. using a virtual camera, you can click your mouse and capture images from videos that feature models sporting the brand’s new fall/winter line.

each slow-motion clip has the models engaged in mundane activities such as pouring a glass of orange juice and blow drying their hair. the flash function of the camera, however, allows you to capture surreal, hi-res pics that make it feel like a real photo shoot. after you captured each image, you can save to an online catalogue and explore the new adidas gear further.

the landing page with simple instructions:

a short clip to set the scene of what you’ll be shooting:

focus, get ready to snap:

easy peasy:

your ‘shots’ in the lightbox. you can choose to save them. i thought the flashing battery icon at the bottom was pretty cool. they really kept the idea throughout!

and here are the shots which i’ve ‘snapped’:

kudos to the team for the marvelous idea and the client for giving the green light. yes, the shots may be pre-determined, but still, you got to admit it’s a pretty cool idea to engage the audience! i probably spent more time on this special “flash” site than i would if it’s just a normal flash site. and yes, i’m super delighted that this site was customized for mac users too! coz some other sites which i’ve been to before have pretty cool ideas but not “best viewed” on a mac – hence the edges and some words were cut off which annoys me like crazy. another brownie point for adidas and 180!

btw, i’ve had several other entries on adidas (not bias towards the brand, but coz they have really done some great work) and it’s all by 180. so if you haven’t heard about them, please check out 180’s site! i particularly like one of the quotes on their site – “First we think of the big idea and then we apply it to different media channels. If it doesn’t work everywhere, then it’s not a big idea.” so simple yet some find it hard to grasp!

client: adidas
agency: 180 Amsterdam
executive Creative Director: Richard Bullock
art Director: Lyall Coburn
copywriter: Stacey Lee
digital Producer: Peter Bassett
digital Director: Pierre Wendling
project Manager: Niek Van Lonkhuijzen
production Company: Fat Fred?s Service Co
director: Lyall Coburn
director of Photography: Lex Brand
producer: Suzanne Huizman
interactive Production: Hi ReS!
interactive Producer: Florian Schmitt

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