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Bollywood Fever

September 21, 2008

the number of ads featuring indians and their culture has been increasing in the past years. here are some of my faves:-

1) M1 free IDD calls (Singapore)

well, he did say he delivers everywhere, no restrictions on area! 🙂

2) Camlin Whiteboard Markers

this one crosses a little over to the grey area and doesn’t portray the race in a very good light. but it’s one of my faves coz of the unexpected humor twist when the boss said the company needs change. you can replace the group with another race (or a mixed culture group) and it will still work.

3) Center Shock Chewing Gum (India)

love the payoff!

4) Happy Dent Gum (India)

thought i’ll end off with an ad from the McCann network. 🙂 this is an award winning piece titled “Happy Dent Palace”, done by McCann-Erickson, India. a truly classic piece!

will add on to this entry if i come across any interesting stuff. feel free to suggest your faves!

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  1. adup permalink
    November 19, 2008 3:41 am

    I absolutely loved the “Happy Dent Palace”-ad! I refered to it on my own blog, hope you don’t mind 😉 Great blog, I’ll visit again! Greetings from Europe.


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