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Nike Zoom – Quick is Deadly

September 11, 2008

what I really like about it is that this “bluetooth campaign” innovatively integrates elements of traditional and social media marketing. it only gets the message across, but it also actively engages the audience by getting them to experience running and speed – i.e. the audience read the ad, was interested about it and actually did the end-action by running!

Concept: For 3 weeks, consumers could participate in a race to win a new pair of the Zoom high performance shoes.

Where: 3 cities – Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

– There is one large billboard in each city which look like basic Nike ads but have been installed to give off a bluetooth mobile phone signal.
– When people approach the billboard they can receive the signal on their mobiles, which begins to function as a stopwatch and encourages people to run to a designated Nike store.
– When people arrive at the Nike store, a second bluetooth signal from within the store stops the “stopwatch” on the person’s phone and records their “run time.”
– Every day for 21 days, that store gives away one different pair of running shoes to the person with the fastest “run time”.

Best Practice Areas:
– Integrated campaign which actively engages the audience by getting them to experience running and speed; at the same time getting Nike’s message across to the rest of the people watching.
– Campaign relied on strong word of mouth to create a sense of discovery as consumers spotted the lightboxes in high traffic public areas.
– Impressive results: Across three cities in three weeks – 250 000 Bluetooth messages delivered, 15 000 participants (saw the message and ran!) and 63 pairs of Nike Zoom shoes awarded, 1.7 billion online impressions, 19 million print impressions and 17 million OOH target audience impressions.

Key Learning: Nike made their hero product relevant to the target audience. Also, the sight of runners racing from an outdoor site to the Nike stores added an element of “public theatre” to the campaign which makes it even more interesting.

watch the youtube video here:

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Shanghai

also, check out another great work done for Nike Zoom in Taiwan.

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