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adidas Vertical Soccer

July 4, 2008

every month i’ll present an interesting outdoor campaign to my clients – hoping to inspire them along the way. shall post it here so i can refer to it in the future!

Agency: TBWA\JAPAN Tokyo

Interesting OOH execution that proves adidas’ slogan “Impossible is Nothing”

Where: Shibuya, Tokyo’s busiest pedestrian intersection

– Soccer players are suspended from cables on a billboard, about ten stories away from the ground
– The men then play an impressive one-on-one game high above the streets by kicking around the football that is tethered between them
– Each session lasts about 15 – 20 minutes, 5 times a day for two weeks
– The headline reads “Own the passion and you own the game.”

Best Practice Areas:
– Innovative use of existing media space – The world’s first vertical soccer game and living billboard.
– An excellent example how a good big idea can magnify a budget of about USD180,000 to generate USD150 million worth of free publicity worldwide.
– Campaignable big idea that is able to carry through to other campaigns – this was the first “Impossible is Nothing” campaign. Future adidas campaigns carried on the same big idea and continued to challenge the idea in different scenarios.

Key Learning:
It takes something special to bring the swarming streets of Tokyo to a standstill. Adidas did it by bringing soccer (the 2nd most popular sport in Japan after baseball) to a different level. At the same time, they managed to challenge and prove its slogan/brand promise. – “Impossible is Nothing”.

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  1. Dvazquez permalink
    January 15, 2009 1:29 am

    I wonder if this vertical futbol concepts owns rights, or if it can be reproduced in different escenarios.

    Any idea?


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