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you say what? #21

January 24, 2008

i stumbled upon this great site, Advertising for Peanuts, a year back when i was creating this blog. every day, i’ll make it a point to check for new entries. he’s a very good writer and truly understands the mechanics of suits-clients-creatives – something which i really really appreciate alot. i was at a loss of words when i read today’s entry because it totally captured what i want to say today! here’s it:-

Some of the best advice I got when I started out in this biz was actually given to me by our own Peanuts writer Chairman Jimmy. He said, “You have to love the process of advertising, not the ads.”

It was kind of hard to accept at first. All that time flipping through the award annuals got me really loving all those awesome, pretty, and oh so clever ads. I wanted to make some of those.

But I’ve quickly come to understand from my own experience what he meant. The process of advertising is about making great ideas and then watching them die. And then coming up with new ideas, making better ads, and watching those die and then doing it all over again.

If you’re in this game because you really love ads, the process will probably just make you one sad, bitter, pissed off person. But if you’re in this business because you love the challenge of starting from scratch for the seventh time, even after you feel like the well has gone dry, and working late on something that will most likely die, then you’re probably going to end up making ads that a lot of other people really love.


so if you’re feeling jaded, take a break and think why you got into this business. if you are in this just coz you like beautiful ads (and want to put your name on it), i think it’ll be much better if you become the client. that way, you can still enjoy beautiful ads without the ‘suffering’.

for now, i think i’ll stay where i am currently. 🙂

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