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It’s 2008!

January 1, 2008

tear off your dec 07 calendar page and…

happy new year everyone! hope you had a great countdown party yesterday! 2007 was a great year for me, especially getting my first step in the ad industry. 🙂 thought i shall do a quick recollection of some of my fave ads which i’ve posted over the past year (dec 06 – dec 07). good ads deserve to be mentioned a second time! here goes:

dec 06: i had a hard time deciding between the thai ads and adidas jose +10 campaign. in the end, i thought to myself – hey! give them both the highlight!

jan 07: true classic, i must say. the series of mac ads are all well written and that successfully lured me over to the mac world! also check out their latest festive ads while you’re at it.

feb 07: incredible timing. they managed to hit their ad out at the right period!

mar 07: once again, adidas wins hands down!

apr 07: found out from my agency copywriter that the madrid metro ad was half shot half animated. still wondering how they put it together…

may 07: we need more great guerilla marketing like this in singapore!

jun 07: the saving grace for PCs.

jul 07: great work done by the agency i’m working at now.

aug 07: the copywriter did a damn good job for Alestra!
sep 07: one can only dream that some brave soul will get this done on singapore roads.

oct 07: one more for my agency!

nov 07: save the best for the last. one liner rocks! check out these H&M ads.

dec 07: this ad makes you pause and think about what’s happening around the world.

cheers to more great ads in 2008!

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