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you say what? #17 – On Fish Tanks

September 21, 2007

This new project simply named “Fish Bowls” is basically reinventions of the standard fish bowl designed by Roger Arquer. It’s a brilliant exercise in re-inventing the wheel, which sometimes must be done. Fish Bowls will be exhibited in London this September as part of an exhibition called Conversational Spanish 02. If it was held last year while I was still in London, I would have made it a point to go and take a look. Interesting stuff. Lots of life lessons can be derived from these fish tanks – thought this will make a good entry for missing out on ‘you say what?’ for so long.

Above Water: tells us about the fish and the plant sharing the water.

Pure Life: is about purifying the water directly when refilling the bowl.

XS or XL: is about relationships between a big fish and a small one living together.

Wishing Well: is about cultural traditions related to throwing coins on wells or fountains.

Bottle Vase: is about how we use objects for another purpose, when they original function has ended.

Hanging from a String: is about finding playfulness in a apparently threatening situation.

Private Matters: is about privacy for the fish.

Chill Out / Warm Up: is about how we can control water temperature adding hot water or ice in the small receptacle.

Russian Dolls: is about how big the fish wants to grow. If stays in the small bowl, the fish will keeps small. If it goes to the big, it will grow.

Under Candle Light: is about candle light floating on water for a romantic evening.

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