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July 8, 2007

Optimus is a mobile phone company based in Portugal. Their task was to create a brand experience targeted to young people within a big music festival context. They provided a solution by a service called “Broad Shoulders”. Ten big men offered their Broad Shoulders for people to climb in order to see better the concerts or just to find a lost friend amongst the crowd. This service was greatly accepted by young people, creating word of mouth in the three days of the music festival as more people were asking for the Broad Shoulders service.”

unselfish advertising – that’s what advertising should be! advertisers (especially the client) should not always think about what benefit their marketing tactic will bring to their brand. what they should consider first is whether the target audience will enjoy/like the whole experience. that’s more important because if the audience loved it, it’ll definitely bring lots of good WOM for your brand. BUT, getting the client to understand that, is not that easy. some clients seem to be deeply entrenched in the conservative culture of their company (and brand) and don’t want to be the one making the change. sigh.

anyway, kudos to the guys for this great piece of work!

Agency: Torke Stunt
Creative Directors: André Rabanea, Pedro Alegria
Art Directors: Hugo Tornelo, João Pereira
Copywriter: Gustavo Blanco

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