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April 27, 2007

i thought this idea was really cool!

Singapore – AXN Asia has launched a TBWA\ Singapore-created ambient campaign to launch the latest seasons of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Season 7) and CSI: NY (Season 3) – showcasing ‘real’ crime scenes to target audiences.The campaign targeted patrons across selected nightspots around Clarke Quay, each with its own crime scene and story. At Clinic and MOS, entrances were fitted with motion sensors that once activated, illuminate placed UV tubes to reveal a murder scene complete with finger and footprints, bullet holes, blood spatters, pools of blood, and a message about the new season of CSI: on AXN.

The third nightspot to be fitted for a crime scene was the men’s washroom at ChinaOne, where UV lights activate once the hand dryer is in use – when the hand dryer stops; the flickering UV lit murder scene reverts back to normal.

Each location has a story for target audiences to decipher by following the clues in the blood spatter and gunshot pattern.

Installations took place 26 April 2007, and will be up 13 May at MOS and Clinic.

too bad i don’t work at clarke quay anymore. if not it’ll definitely be easier to check out the execution!

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