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you say what? #11

April 11, 2007

[agency presents the ‘final’ copy to the client for approval before casting it out. copy has gone through numerous rounds of changes and has incorporated comments from the client. the material deadline was a few hours later.]

client: “can you please change [insert a sentence from the presented copy] to this [insert client’s grammatically wrong sentence]? we don’t really like yours and prefer ours.”

[agency; or rather, the same intern checked through several dictionaries to make sure that the agency’s sentence is the right one. intern called the client to explain the new proposed change is grammatically wrong because the noun was used as an adjective, vice versa. client insisted that they are right and that sentence has been ‘approved’ by all the relevant departments. client also don’t understand why agency/intern is making such a big fuss over a sentence. intern gave up explaining, and decided to compromise with client instead. intern asked client what are the main key points in the sentence and managed to rephrase it such that the noun-adjective-noun problem is gone.]

you have to understand that not all clients are marketing-savvy. even though they have paid the ad agency to do an ad for them, the job doesn’t just end there. the role of the ad agency is also to act as the brand guardian for the client, to make sure that the ad goes in line with the corporate identity and that it brings out the message to the audience. it’s important to manage the agency-client relationship, and the intern is happy that the client liked the new rephrased sentence. phew.

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