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Campaign for Real Beauty

January 26, 2007

have you seen this new initiative from Dove?

From Wikipedia,

The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty is a marketing campaign created by Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. The principle behind the campaign is to celebrate the curves and imperfections of real women and inspire them to have the confidence to show them off with pride. The launch campaign featured normal women of different shapes and sizes recruited in a number of ways; one was approached in the street, another answered an ad which was placed in a local South London newspaper.

The campaign was shot by the British portrait/fashion photographer Rankin who has made a career out of subverting fashion photography and who has also produced several books of nudes featuring ordinary-looking people.

Daryl Fielding chose Rankin because he brings out the character and personality of his subjects and he likes working with non-professional models. Dove wanted to celebrate women by using a photographer who also shoots supermodels, giving them the same star treatment. Rankin shot the follow up campaign for Dove as well.As part of this campaign, in 2006, Dove started the Dove Self-Esteem Fund to change the West’s concept of beauty from ultra-thin models with perfect features to making every girl (and woman) feel positive about their looks, no matter what they are.While the campaign itself is admirable, it is paradoxical that Dove is a part of Unilever which owns other personal product brands (such as AXE, Ponds, Vaseline and Lux) who do not comply so perfectly with the Campaign’s goals. AXE advertisements, for example, have beautiful women flaunting over men because of the use of the AXE product.”

also, i kinda doubt the sincerity of this campaign in certain ways. definitely, this campaign came at a good time when there’s a huge debate about stick-thin models and the true perception of beauty. note my first sentence in this entry, this initiative is from Dove, not by Dove. if the company is truly sincere about helping women realize their own beauty, they should be the one who have came up with this idea, not by a PR agency who thought about this through ingenious planning.

but on the other hand, the campaign is a great one and i love the video. though the singapore version is slightly different, it still encapsulates the same idea and message.

also check out their great viral video as well:

quite clever eh?

the viral is done by Ogilvy Toronto.

for more information on this campaign, check out their official website.

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