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jobs jobs jobs!

January 14, 2007

//updated 18 Jan 07 and 22 Jan 07

right person, wrong job? wrong person, wrong job? whatever the case is, these ads sure bring the message across!

Creative Agency: Expression, Dubai
Creative Director: Amelia Smit

this is a singapore creation which i quite like. 🙂

“Two creeks and he’s going to his office. Three and he’s coming to mine.”

how apt for aquent!

Client: Aquent, Singapore
Agency: Leo Burnett, Singapore
Creative Director: Steve Straw, Linda Locke, Tay Guan Hin
Art Director: Goh Wee Kim
Copywriter: Priti Kapur
Photographer: Ric Tang
Illustrator: Felix Wang
Digital Imaging: Felix Wang
Photography Studio: Shutterbug

(view the whole series at AdForum)

this is probably the best one!

//there’s this print ad series which shows a person working inside the ATM/drinks dispenser machine. i’m still trying to look for the ad, and once i have it, i’ll update the post (again). 🙂

*i finally found it!!! here’re the ads:

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